Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Perfect Travel Skirt;
The Conifer Skirt by Seamstress Erin

Has the perfect pattern ever appeared just when you needed it?  So it was with Seamstress Erin's Conifer Skirt.  Erin called for pattern testers, and I replied.  When she sent me the PDF I was thrilled.  I had been looking for a skirt for our family's spring break trip to California.  The weather in California can be variable in the spring, and I was looking for a skirt I could dress up or down, wear with leggings under for warmth, or shorts under if it was hot, and I wanted to take layers off.  I had seen a black maxi skirt I was considering in a RTW store, but I didn't like the low quality of the fabric, and I was afraid it would pill and fade after one season.  Just then the conifer skirt pattern arrived!

Image and pattern from:

Oh frabjous day!  I sewed view C, shown here as a floral, quick as can be on my serger.  I used a fairly heavy cotton jersey with a small amount of stretch.  The pdf fit together well, the directions were clear, and it was just the skirt I needed.  Thank you Erin.  I sent her back my review, and she revised the pattern, making it even better and more versatile.  I am really excited to try all the different versions.  Here is my lovely daughter modeling the finished skirt:

The skirt was so comfortable that I put it on straight off the serger to check for final fit, and didn't take it off for the rest of the day.  And okay, I might have worn it the next day, too.

On my trip, it worked with layers just like I had hoped.  Now that it is May, it is already too hot to wear it outdoors here in Southern Arizona, but I am still wearing it in my heavily air-conditioned office.

Now I am excited to make a summer weight version.  Visit Erin's blog to see more tester versions:

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