Sunday, November 15, 2015

My first Sew Chic Pattern

Pattern Review for the Ehlen Blouse

This is the lovely Ehlen.  You can find her at:

As you may recall, I have been on a 40s kick lately, and I couldn't resist ordering this blouse pattern.

I picked out my material and notions,

and set to work.  Ehlen is fully lined.  You make a full bodice out of the lining material and turn it inside out before attaching it to the fashion fabric bodice.
Even the sleeves are lined.  When you set in the sleeves, you sew the outer layer of the sleeve to the outer bodice, fold in the seam allowance of the lining sleeve and stitch it to the lining of the bodice, like you would do if you were sewing a coat or jacket.  Fabulous.  This is a pattern for the sewist who loves the intricacy of a beautifully designed pattern with interesting details.

I recommend Ehlen for the advanced intermediate or higher level of sewist.  The instructions are clear, but minimal.  All the pieces went together perfectly.  I used navy bias tape for the trim.  Getting it to sit perfectly is not for the faint of heart!

I thought it came out rather nicely, though.
The buttons are all decorative.  There is an invisible zip on the side.  I finally invested in an invisible zip foot, and it made putting in the zipper so much easier!

And here she is:
Confession time; I spent a huge amount of time and energy fitting the top part of the bodice so that it fits me like a glove.  It did not occur to me to fit the peplum! Consequently, it cuts me in a strange spot.  I'm fairly sure this is just a vaguary of my particular figure.  I'm still thinking about how to alter it.  I may shorten the peplum and/or take it in at the sides.  Ideas, anyone?

Overall, if you have been on the fence about investing in a Sew Chic pattern, I would recommend you go on ahead.  I feel more Sew Chic in my future!

Xx Piper

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  1. Looks great, thank you for sharing about the trim struggles,


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