Sunday, July 10, 2016

Vintage Pledge Playsuit

If you are a fan of the Vintage Pledge, you have probably been enjoying the Vintage Pledge July Estravaganza. The lovely sewists who make the vintage pledge have inspired me to share more of my makes from vintage patterns.

I have had a mail order playsuit pattern in my collection for a while.

Reader Mail Patterns was a company that sold patterns to home sewists through newspaper and magazine ads.  You could send the price of the pattern and a slip of paper with your address on it, and an order form to a New York address, and the company would mail you a lovely envelope with your self address attached and your pattern inside.  The most common brand names Reader Mail used were Anne Adams and Marian Martin.  Someday I will write a longer post about this interesting piece of sewing history.  I have a number of these patterns in my collection.

This particular pattern came to me in well used condition.  The outer envelope is dated 1958, although the pattern itself has an earlier vibe to it.  I think the pattern and envelope may be a second marriage as opposed to an original pair.

I made this little cutie up in a cotton blend from Gertie's summer fabric collection, purchased at Joanns, and added a self belt with a vintage mother-of-pearl buckle.  It fastens with a front zipper.  Here's a photo of the finished playsuit; perfect for the record breaking heat we are having here this summer!

And i followed through on my pledge to set up an instagram account and post it!

Xx Piper

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