Monday, March 2, 2015

Another Vintage Blouse Pattern

Poly Is My Friend

Hullo.  I've been on a roll with sewing blouses from 50s patterns, with the goal of adding more everyday pieces to my wardrobe.  Here is my latest victim, er, selection:

I was very encouraged by the fact that it clearly was labeled EASY.  Since the lovely ladies pictured on the pattern did not appear particularly easy, I was hoping easy referred to the pattern.  Fear not, I am not such a sewing babe in the woods that I automatically assumed that just because a pattern says it's easy will it be easy.  (Yes, I am giving you the eye, Very Easy Vogue.)  I sewed up the A view, which here appears in the foreground in that lovely aquamarine.  I bought some gorgeous silk almost that exact color and then chickened out.  A silk blouse?  What was I thinking?  I am Ms. Wash-and-Wear.  Kids and pets and silk do not mix.  So, I decided on a lovely polyester instead.  Yes, Poly is my friend.  She is a real down-to-earth girl who doesn't mind a few coffee splotches or paw marks.
Here's a close-up of what I picked.   Black and white are always a good choice for me.  I figured this would go with much that was already in my wardrobe.  Happily, the pattern was easy to sew.   It is very fitted, however.  Like don't even try to take a deep breath.  If I do ever sew that silk version, I will make it with a tiny bit more room.  I also used the scraps to sew up a long rectangle that can act as a belt or a scarf.  And here it is...........
One thing that is particularly clever about the pattern is that View E is basically View A flipped back to front.  Because this has a side zip and back darts and I am small in the bust, (I love being a pear, I love being a pear, I love being a pear,) I can also wear it back to front!
Off to feed the furry dogs....

Xx  Piper

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