Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Aquamarine; a Color for Spring

         Picture the crystal waters of a Mediterranean beach, calm and soothing. Visualize a bluish green, transparent crystal that becomes more intensely blue when heated.  This is aquamarine, Pantone’s Color for Spring 2015, in the Women’s Fashion Category.  Pantone Color Institute ( predicts we will see it walking down the catwalk during fashion week, floating into our retail stores, and most significantly, for sewists, we can hope to see it among our selections at our favorite fabric stores.

            Aquamarine is a natural color, appearing in pure ocean waters against golden sands, and in natural crystal formation.  A member of the Beryl family, the gemstone is mined on almost every continent, most commonly in Brazil and Africa.  It can be polished, cut and set in fine jewelry, or displayed in its natural form.  It is a predominant color in the early glass of the Byzantine Empire, and in sea glass washed and polished by the ocean’s waves.
             The word aquamarine derives from the Latin aqua marinus, meaning “water of the sea,” and folklore identifies it as the treasure of the mermaids, a seawater gem carried by sailors to guarantee safe passage.  Its connection to mermaids in our collective consciousness continues, as it is considered to be the stone of voice and breath, conjuring images of sweet air and sonorous melody.  It is associated with all things connected to the sea, as well as images and reflections in water and in mirrors.  It is a birthstone for Pisces and Aries born in March, and its variation in color between blue and green is said to represent the chimeric nature of water, as well as the flexible nature of people born at this time of year.  A perfect color for spring; a time of renewal and change.

          Aquamarine’s cool tone is thought to be soothing and calming both to the wearer and to the observer.  It can stand alone in a statement peace, be mixed with grey, or as Pantone recommends, a dominant color with a contrasting pop of Marsala, a rich, burgundy shade, Pantone’s color of the year for 2015.
            There are many possibilities for incorporating this lovely color into our spring wardrobes.  Imagine a floaty, draped silk tunic top, a color blocked knit sheath dress, or a pair of aquamarine denim sailor shorts.  Perhaps you will reach for a watercolor print incorporating aquamarine, grey and scuba blue to sew up your favorite dress pattern, or a soft cotton linen blend to craft a sundress.  Maybe you will venture into sewing a swimsuit or lingerie in aquamarine. Or picture it as an accent color to brighten up your home for spring, some new throw pillows perhaps?  With a bowl of sea glass near by? 

            Blue has long been my favorite color, and spring my favorite season. I am longing to add this shade to my life, then let go, breathe deeply and imagine cool ocean waters.  And best of all?  Aquamarine is identified as the color of eternal happiness.

 Happy spring sewing.

Xx  Piper

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  1. Wow, I think that aquamarine is a beautiful color and I love your educated writing style!


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