Friday, August 28, 2015

VIFPCW Finished


I have finished all the pieces of my Vintage Inspired Four Piece Capsule Wardrobe that I wrote about in my previous posts.

Here is the blouse that inspired the project:

Here are the patterns for the remaining pieces:

And here are the finished skirt and shorts. (Don't mind the cat.)

The bottoms were all round a bit of a struggle.  I used a Kona cotton because I wanted something light and breathable for summer.  I have discovered that Kona is a fabric I won't use for garments in the future.  There is nothing wrong with it per se, it just feels to me like I made my clothes from an old tablecloth.  It also is super wrinkly.  (Mais oui, I did actually iron these items before taking a picture. They wrinkled up again.)

I cannot recommend the shorts pattern.  Now I know that in the forties and fifties shorts were generally much less fitted because fabrics generally didn't have much stretch.  But these were huuuuge.  I ended taking out three inches, from EACH leg!  I know, right?  So I basically ended up redrafting the pattern to make it look like the illustration.  Also, I couldn't get the shorts looking crisp no matter how much spray starch I added, (again, probably poor fabric choice,) so I topstitched a tiny crease down the center fronts.

The skirt pattern went together much easier, and I like the loose pleats at the waistband.  I am wearing both pieces, even though neither will ever probably be my favorite.  I may try remaking some bottoms in a different fabric next summer, or perhaps I will just be over it.

So what did I learn?  Having a vintage capsule wardrobe that coordinates is fun and very practical for vacations.  Also, don't sew anything from fabric you are less than in love with, just because it is the right color. I am enjoying both blouse patterns and will most likely use them again.

Separates are fabulous!


Thank you again to Rochelle at Lucky Lucille for the inspiration.  I am heading over to her flickr pool to post my wardrobe next.

Xx Piper 

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