Friday, June 3, 2016

Cats and Sergers


What is it about cats and sergers? 

Okay, so obviously; many threads going up and down, a swipe or two  is inevitable.  But I figured, like the sewing machine, after a while the thrill would die.  Especially since Mama has left out lovely spools and yarn scraps for the kitties to play with.

Nope, sorry.  I start to serge and after a few rounds of boxing my opponents retreat.  But heaven forbid I leave for a second without lowering the thread and covering the machine.  If I forget, I return to an intricate web of tangled threads and two guilty looking felines unable to break free.

Close the door to the sewing room?  Ah, to have a sewing room. What luxury.  To have a house in which cats and dogs peacefully coexist sharing the same spaces. And as long as I'm dreaming, my family would respectfully knock upon that fantasy sewing room door before allowing animals of various types entry.  Until then, I expect to see lots of this:

And really, I can't complain.  La vie est bonne.

Xx Piper

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  1. I came over from TMS to meet your kitties. So cute! I have a black and white too, he thinks he's a dog and loves to play fetch. And my tiger-striped Lili really wants to know all about the sewing machine! But we can't live without them, can we? :)

  2. Such pretty kitties and I really like the striped shirts! Wish we lived closer and might ask you to teach me. I sewed quite a lot when M was little but have lost the knack. Just no patience now.


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