Monday, May 16, 2016

Phantom Dreams

"Poetry is a phantom script, telling how rainbows are made and why they go away"-Carl Sandberg

Last year when the lovely Laura of Sew Chic Patterns offered to send a free pattern to anyone who bought a pattern, I selected the stunning Phantom as my free pattern.  It was perfect for a free pattern; the stuff of dreams, a pattern you fall in love with, want to own, but can't realistically see yourself making.

How does one even find white organza with black dots, much less sew up something completely sheer?  Serger? Handrolled hems?  And then, there it was in with the fancy fabrics at mundane Joanns.  A black and white spotted organza.  I bought the rather pricey yardage with a coupon and thought maybe I can.

When I got the yardage home and spread it on the table it looked like this:

The polka dots were obviously larger, but I figured that was the closest I would get, and it would work.  I opened the pattern with due reverence, the sun shining on the directions, the mourning doves singing, and thought....Oh, dear, maybe I can't.

My spots are not random, they are placed in geometric lines, so they basically act as stripes, and this pattern is totally unsuitable for stripes.  Look at that front facing cut at an angle, AND pockets.  What was I thinking.  Could I possibly pattern match those dots?

To keep it short, I could and I did.  I cut the back as one piece, matched the fronts, matched the pockets, got clever with the fold over on the front facing and did it.  I don't think I could have without Laura's encouragement.  I emailed her about the trim on the pockets, and she emailed me back and said, "I will dream with you."

Here is the work in progress:

My phantom dream is finished, and I have sewn the pants included in the pattern and pictured above as well.  Would you care to see photos?  Stay tuned for the big reveal and more construction details.  This will be my first Vintage Pattern Pledge make!

Xx Piper

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